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Because your hands are trying to kill you (and others)
Your hands pick up germs from the surfaces you touch when you open doors, touch grocery carts, and interact with other public survaces. Those germs are then deposited into your system when you touch your mouth, nose, and eyes. This is one way that COVID-19, colds, influenza, and other diseases can get into your body. If you stop touching your face, you block that pathway for germs into your system. You also help to reduce the spread of germs you may have by not getting them on your hands and then putting them on public surfaces for other people to pick up. Scratchband is designed to make it much easier to break the habit of touching your face and to do it in a short amount of time.

It’s an effective and convenient alternative to your hands
When I was thinking about a device to help me stop touching my face I knew a couple of things for sure: First, I didn’t want another thing to have to carry around in my pocket, and second, it needed to be just as convenient as my hands. If I had to reach into my pocket for it, I wouldn’t use it. Having Scratchband on the wrist means no barriers to use.

It’s a constant reminder of the habit you’re trying to break
One of the main benefits of Scratchband I discovered right way, even with my first, barely-functioning, homemade prototypes, was that having it on my wrist helped to remind me of the habit I was trying to break. The fact that it is actually really good at scratching my face made it a win-win.

It’s easy to sanitize
You can microwave Scratchband, put it in the dishwasher, boil it, wash it with your laundry, whatever. It’s made of medical-grade silicone, so it can pretty much survive whatever your red bowl scraper can survive. That means it’s super easy to get it very clean.

It looks cool
We wanted something that is both effective for scratching your face but also fashionable. The design is inspired by the Giant’s Causeway volcanic rock formations in Ireland.

It’s handy for all sorts of non-germ-related reasons, too
Even if you don’t care about getting sick from touching your face, Scratchband is still really handy for those times when scratching your face with your hands would be unpleasant, such as when your hands are dirty from gardening, cooking, or working on the car, for example.

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